The Pursuit of Oneness

7 thoughts on “The Pursuit of Oneness”

  1. Great piece! I was moved by some of the things you said about oneness. It gave me the kind of goosebumps that indicate I am hearing a profound truth that speaks to my soul.


  2. Godspeed Claudia! Such a cool trip, we met on the way to or leaving Costa Rica, can’t remember but hope you have a wonderful time. A verse from Scripture I admire states, “I desire mercy not sacrifice, an acknowledgement of God rather than burnt offerings.” Don’t know why I felt to share this but hope you are well. God bless, Rob


    1. Hello Rob! Of course I remember you! Haha thank you so much for sharing that verse. It will serve me well in the near future. I hope life is treating you great and that you’re Still feeding that wanderlust bug. Good bless!


  3. Claudia,
    I am excited for your journey that you are about to partake upon, as I reflect on the times and Kodak menories that we’ve shared along our time of interaction, my heart leaps with excitement for your discovery towards Oneness with our creator. Love you dearly, and I support this venture. Love ya!
    Always “BeYou”tiful,


    1. Sher Sher! Thank you so much for those beautiful words! I truly appreciate all the good vibes and I’m sending you lots of love! I hope live is treating you kindly!



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