The Sunrise

In this journey I’ve been shedding a lot of layers, and if there is one thing required for this onion to fully peel, it would be honesty. Brutal and complete honesty, with others, but most importantly with myself and the way I share my story.  I was debating whether to make a blog about this, … Continue reading The Sunrise


There have been two major lessons that keep coming back in my time here. Learning to trust God is the first one. Trusting this mystic process and believing without a doubt that everything is, and will be, OK. That it is all working out as it should. The only thing left for me to do … Continue reading Reflections 

Welcome Weeks

It’s been two weeks since I left the States. The amount of memorable moments in that time have been so many and will probably require at least five other blog posts to be justly recounted. Just know that I’m settling in just fine! Ahhh! There is so much I want to share. The days have been … Continue reading Welcome Weeks